-Black holes.

Black holes are concentrations of matter of high density. Nothing can escape from it including the light with their speed. We know that they there is because radiation
For example, X-ray. The black hole from the Via Lactea is called Sagittarius A*. When more bodies fall in him, more will be their mass and their atraction. The safety distance is for 7’7 millions of kilometres.

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It's a small solar system body that move around the Sun. For example: Comet Hale-Bopp and Comet West. They are made of ice and rock that orbit the sun in elliptical orbits. Comets are solid bodies made of materials that pass from solid to gas without passing through the liquid, if they are close to the sun.




They are groups of stars with original form and name. For example: Osa mayor, Osa menor. But the stars of one consetellation can be found hundreds of light years between each other. Some constellations are very old, as they were designed for many centuries by the peoples inhabiting the regions of Middle East and Mediterranean, others are more recent.

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It's a planet that move around the different star at Sun.

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Is a system of stars, gas clouds, planets, dark matter. They usually take the form of an elipse and they are bound by gravity.
In a galaxy there are also nebulae, star clusters and multiple star systems.

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-Local group.

It's a group of thirty galaxies.

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It is a body that is moving around the Sun. It haven't got light. In the Solar System there are nine planets: Earth, Mercury, Venus ,Mars, Juster, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
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-Planet Earth.

It's the third planet of the Solar System. It's the biggest of the earth planets. The planet Earth has got a satellite, the Moon.
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-Sagitario A*.

It is a black hole in the center of the Via Lactea.

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It is a medium yellow star of the Solar System. The Earth and the other planets and satellites of the Solar System move around the Sun. The light from the sun takes about eight minutes and nineteen seconds to reach the earth.

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-Superhead of virginity.

It's a group of millions of galaxies and billions of stars.

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-Theory of the big bang.

If the galaxies removing we can think that before, in the past, all the matter was in a smaller zone.

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It is all around us, the universe have space and time.


-Via Lactea.

It's a galaxy with 100.000 millions of stars and a similar numbers of planets.

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-Artificial selection.

Is a selection through the human choose in the animals and in the plants those
good features, consequently only reproduce this organisms.
For example, look at the example of one family. The mother has brown hair and blue eyes. The father has got black hair and brown eyes. One of their sons, Clara has the father's dark hair and light eyes of the mother, and Agnes is the mother's blond hair and honey-colored eyes of the father. The two characters are in different genes, so we say transmitted independently.

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It's the first biped. Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens are the last hominids.

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It's the same copy to one living being. For example: Sheep Dolly.

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It was a biology that proposed the natural selection to explain the evolution. For example, in the group of lions likely that the lions more weak dead before and survive the most resistant. The most resistant are those who most played. Then a lot of generations, all the changes will that the last generation is more different that the first form other species.

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They are all the changes that happened along the history.

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They are remains of living that there in rocks. For example: the bones of the dinosaurs in the rocks.

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It's a unit of hereditary information. Save information, made proteins and control characters.

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It's our family. Someone of this hominids change and can walk for two legs, it's the first biped.
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It was a biology is the person who saud the first theory of the evolution, before of Darwin. He believed that the living organisms were changed when they have new
organs to addresss new needs. For example, he believed that the snakes were lizards that they prefer to creep and then their legs are going to disappears.
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It was a biology that want explain the process of transmission of characters, through works with pea plant.

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Is the group of the organisms that can reproduce one another.
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Is a thing you can do to verify anything. for example: test of blood.

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They are groups of differents organs that they made one labour. For example: The locomotor.

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It's a red liquid that run for veins and transports oxigen with help from the heart.

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It's the basic structural and functional unit of all know living organism. It's the most smaller unit in the life. There are organisms they are unicelullar, for example, bacterias; and there are organisms they are pluricellular, for example, the humans.

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They are groups of tissues that made one labour. For example: the heart, the liver.

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They are groups of the same organs. For example: Nervous System.

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-Congenital disease.

There are since the born because some problem along the pregnancy.
For example: When a woman has got a baby and she has rubeola, as a result can have mental retardación.

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Is a loss of be well physically, mental or socially.
The diseases are classified by some things like that the situation (heart, liver..) or the cause. Some diseases are respiratory, in the nervous system..

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-Life expectancy at birth.

How many years will life a group of persons borned in a year if won't change the conditions in zone.

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-Life expectancy free of disability.

How many years of life with good health.
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-Genetic diseases.

Consequently that a problem in the genes). For example: Sindrome de Down.
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Is a state of be well physically, mental or socially and isn't only like not disease.
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Of life of a person is if be well, happyness and saw life to a positive way. It's depend to the health physically and mental..For a person to be happy, before than work or money, is health.

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-Ionizing radiation.

Is a type of radiation
that can change our celulas, some of this can can affect health status. It can come, for example, to the Sun.

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-Animals invertebrate.

They are animals that they haven't got skeleton (bones). For example: A worm.

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-Animals vertebrate.

They are animals with skeleton(bones). For example: A lion.

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It is a living being that makes her own food. For example the plants through the photosyntesis.
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It's the zone of the life on Earth. It's the collection of lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. It's the same of ecosphere.
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The man build city, places with forests and this forests disappears.
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It's the collection of the living beings(animals, plants..) and the places were they live.
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It is a living being who has to move to find their own food. For example: The animals.
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-Living matter.

Is formed in general with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
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They are animals that born of the belly (stomach) of their mother. For example: A horse.
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Is the process whereby the plants receive energy of the Sun to make her own food and make the breathing.


The people grown more faster than the fish and many species disappears.

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Is necessary to the life. In the living beings are chemical reactions. Chemical reactions so that there must be a solvent: the water.

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Is an atom that he can make a lot and differents molecules necessary to the life: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.
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There is in our body. Whereby we can make the hemoglobin in our blood.


The nitrogen is necessary too because with he are make proteins.
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Is very important in our body because without potassium the nerve impulses would stop.
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Is in our body. Makes our liver function.
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Is in our body. The hair and the nails are composed of sulfur.
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