His real name is David Silva .He was born in Islas Canarias, Spain on January, 8th 1986.He is a spanish footballer and play for Valencia CF.He is a miedfielder or striker.David Silva play for national team too.


His real name is Lionel Andres Messi, he was born in Rosario, Argentina, on June, 24th of 1987. He play for FC Barcelona and national team. He is considereted to be one of the best football players of his generation. He has won the FIFA WORLD PLAYER in 2009.


His real name is Karim Benzema , he was born in Lyon, Francia on December, 19th of 1987. He is striker and he plays for Real Madrid and his national team. He is a future player.


C. Ronaldo

His real name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was born in Madeira, Portugal on February, 5th of 1985. He plays for Real Madrid and his national team. He is winger and is the most expensive football player of the history.



His real name is Ricardo irecson dos Santos Leite. He was born on April, 22nd , 1982 in Brasilea (Brasil).He plays for Real Madrid and his national team. He is miedfielder. He is considereted one of the best football player of the world.



His real name is Xavier Hernandez Creus. He was born on January, 25th ,1980 in Terrasa (Spain). He plays in FC Barcelona and his national team. He is the best miedfielder of the world.


His real name is Andres Iniesta Lujan.He was born in Fuentealbilla,Spain on May, 11th, 1984. He plays for FC Barcelona and his national team.He is miedfielder and one more important player of his club.


His real name is Alvaro Negredo. He was born in Vallecas, Madrid on August, 20th , 1985. He is striker and his new team is Sevilla FC.


His real name is David Villa Sanchez. He was born in Asturias on December, 3rd 1981.He plays for Valencia CF and the national team.He is a good striker.




It is an individual or group activity that often involves physical abilities and take form of a competitive game. For example: football, tennis...
Football is the most popular sport in the world.
The sport born in China, the chinesee invented the sport 3000 years a.c.


It is a competition when there measures up who is the fast.Compete cars, motorcycles,people...
Races are very dangerous because the cars are very fast and they can crash.

Olimpic games

It is the mayor sports event where many countries re-join to compet sportingly.The olimpic games started in the old Grece in 776 a.c.
There are two types of olimpic games:
-Summer Olimpic games
-Winter Olimpic games
The symbol of olimpic games are five rings. Something ring represented one of the five continent.


It is the process when you eat anything and pass of every parts of body.
The nutrition is very important to our health.

Cooper test

It is a test when measure your resistence.It is consits of running for twelve minutes non-stop of running.



It is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.


It is one of principal classes of food,close to the protings and the carbohydrates.


The fruit is eatable fruits that are obtained of cultivated but unlive other vegetables,
the fruit posses an intense flavour and aroma.


They are vegetables wich eatable part, they are the greens organs of the plant,
as the steam, the leaves and that forme of part of the human nourishment.


Set of the things that eat or drink to survive the living being.


The organic sustances that exists in the aliments,are need for body.
For example A,B or C.


It is what us contributes energy to live. It is very important because if we haven't calories, we die.
The calories are in the food.

First aids

It is the techniques and procedures of inmediant character limited, that recives a person, victim of an accident.


Package maitenance of vital funtions of a person in respiratory failure.



It is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players, with a reference who makes fullfil the procedures.They play in a rectangular court, the teams that win is that score more goals in the other goalkeeper.


It is a sport played between two players or between teams of two players each. The players use a racket to strike the ball into the opponents court.


It's a team's sport in which two teams of five players try to score points, with a ball in a basket, the basket situate 3,04 metres of the floor.


It's a team sport that tries to put a disk in a ball in a doorman, in each team play eleven players.


It's a team sport, in each team play seven players, that tries to put the ball in a doorman with the hand.


It's a sport practiced in a pool, one team has seven players that tries put a ball in a doorman while you swin.


It's a korean marcial arts to tries the jump technique. This sport consists in win to the other adversarie fighting.



Is the footballer who plays more advanced on a team. Is the footballer who scores the goals. For example Thierry Henry .


Is the footballer who plays in the centre of the football field.This player is who move the ball and give the passes to his teams mates.For example Xavi Hernandez.


Is the footballer who plays in the back of the football field.Is very important for her team because is who steal the balls and is that the other team doesn't mark goals.
For example Julien Escude.


Is the footballer who defends the doorman. This player is important for his team because if weren´t doorman, the football isn´t a sport.


Is the person who is change of fulfilling the rules during the game.


Is the person who organizes a team. Every team should had his coach. Is that says the tactique and decide who players play a who not. For example: Manuel Pellegrini.


It is the place where sit down the players who are not playing.



Is the material that it puts in the middle of the head of the racket with the players striker the ball.There are a lot of types of cordages, of different colour or different qualty.



Is the object for that the players takes the rackets



headIs the liggert object of the racket. In the middle of the head it puts the cordage. The take has to le of the head material.Made this one of a hard material.


Is the thing that forms at the racket.



Is the site where the players play.It is a rectangle and in the middle of the court there is a net.


Net of tennis


It is a object that is situate in the centre of the court tennis. It serves to delimit the middle of the court. The ball has to pass over the net.

Tennis Ball

It is the object that the players struck wiht the racket.It is round and are usually yellow.



It is a person. The assistant of the principal referee.The responsible of the linesman is
look often if the balls enters or not enters.

Collects balls


Is the person who picks the balls. They stay in the court after that the players end the point.




It is a piece of iron.That is circulate and is where the ball get into to the teams obtain points.


  • tablaro

  • It is a piece of plastic, very hard. The board is situated in the tall of basket. The players use the board to obtain points more easy.


It is a part of the court. Where the players can´t stay for three second alone.

Free shoots

It is a type of shot that exits in basketball. Consists in throw the ball of a line, the line is situated at 4, 60 cm of the basket. This shot its happens when is a fault in atacker.This shot sum one point to the score.

Unsporting lack

It is the most serious lack in basketball. This is a player hits another player brusquely and without any intention of going to the ball.