He was one of the greatest philosophers of antiquity. He was the inventor of formal logic, economics, astronomy, taxonomy.
Aristotle opened a whole new worldview. He showed especially popularized a number of ideas common to many people.
Example: His book “Sky”.



He was a Greek philosopher, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotles. He participed in the teaching of an academy
and commented some philosophical issues, specially those dealing with the politics, ethics.
The most famous works were the dialoges of Plato.
Example. Apology of Socrates.



He was a Greek philosopher and mathematician. He studied and classified the number. He was very young
when he went to Mesopotamia and Egypt to study.
Example: The pythagoram theorem. It is very useful in maths world.



He was a Greek philosopher. He was born in Athens. He died when he was 70 years old,
because he accepted his condenation for not recognizing the Athenian gods.
Example: His disciple was Platter.




He was a Greek hero of the trojan war. Achilles was invulnerable in all his body except his heel.
He was the best soldier of the greek mythology.
Example: Alexander the great was the reincarnation of Achilles.



In Greek mythology is the goddess of love. The lust, the beauty, the prostitution and the reproduction.
Sometimes, people alludes to her in the modem culture as the goddess of love but not love in the
christian or romantic sense, specially physical or sexual attraction.
Example: Venus.



It is the God of the war. The people is afraid of him and they make sacrifies in his honor. He was the lover of Aphrodite.
Example: It was represented by his armor and lance.



It is the God of the virginity and of the wild animals. She was adored by the moon. She is also the God that protect the mardens.
Example: It was represented by a bow and arrow.



In Greek mythology, Athenea is the goddess of wisdom, strategy and just wars. She was considered a hero and
beloved mentor since ancient times as the patron of Athens where the Parthenon was built to worship.
Example: It is represented with the owl.



He was the son of Zeus. In his origin he was a hero but later he became a God. Is the God of the wine
and the enthusiasm. It is the god of the theatre.
Example: Is the God that made him mysterious rites.



It is the god of deads. he governed the hell and for that reason he was very frequently
associate with the death, but it was not the death.
Example: It is represented with Cancervero dog.



It is the God of the forge. Is a craftsman of great skill. He was someone who manufactures clay
and gave birth to the first woman. Is a God lame and his wife is Afrodite.
Example: It is represented by fire.



She is the wife and the sister of Zeus. She is the God of the marriage. The cow represents Hera.
Example: Other items that symbolize are the peacock and the lion.



He was the hero of the Greek mythology. He was Zeus son. One of his attributes is his extraordinary force.
The most famous legend of Heracles is “the twelve works”
Example: He killed the lion of Nemea that was scaring the people of Nemea.



It is the God of the Shepherds. Is the God thar sends the soulds of the dead men to the hell.
He was represented with a magic wand, it was the symbol of the messenger.
Example: Iris, another messenger of the gods.



It is the son of Hermes. Is the God of the fields. The symbol that represents the God is the panpipes.
Example: The cult of the God Pan: thank you for winning the war.



In greek mythology, Poseidon was the God of the sea and the shaker of the earth.
He was integrated in the Olympic pantheon as brother of Zeus and Hades.
Example: Neptune.



The legendary Greek hero Odysseus was the King of Ithaca. After fighting with the Greeks
in the war in the city of Troy, Odysseus started his journey back home. During his return
trip was incredible adventures, but his renowned intelligence helped him survive the many challenges.
Example: One of his trips was called “Ulises mission”.



In greek mithology, Zeus is the king of the Gods. Zeus was the president of the greek Olympian Pantheon.
He was the father of many heroes. His most important temple was Olimpia, where every four years
were celebrated the Olympic Games in his honor.
Example: He is represented with the thunder.



-Alexander the Great.

He was the king of Macedonia and is considered one of the greatest military leaders in history,
for his conquest of the Achaemenid Empire. Before his dead, he planned to return to the west
and conquer Europe in addition to wanting to continue the expansion to the East and find the end of the world.
Example: His tutor was Aristotle.


-Apolo and Dafne.

She was a nymph daughter of Peneo. The God Apolo, affected by one of Eros arrows,
love her, but she was not corresponding to him. In an occasion, Apolo prosecuted it, and she fled towards
the mountains, then the God Peneo transformed her into a laurel. The laurel represents the God Apolo.
Example: The myth of the goddess eris.



The Greeks used the barbarian term to talk about foreign people, who did not speak the Greek.
Example: Gauls, Germanic..



In Greek Mithology, Cronos was the youngest leader of the first generation of titans.
In Athens, the twelfh day of every month a celebration in honor to Cronos was celebrated.
Cronos devoured his creatures as soon as they were born.
Example: Titan Lapetus.



It is the name of the poet who wrote the Iliad and Odyssey.
Is considered the most important poet of ancient Greece.
Example: The Iliad.



They were angels who sent messages from the Gods to the underworld.
Example: Hermes.



He was an important and influyent politician and orator in the golden age of the city. Pericles was so influentias
in Athenian society, a contemporary historian, called it ``the first citizen of Athens. Pericles promoted the arts
and literature, that is why Athens has a reputation of being the educational and cultural center of ancient Greece.
Example: the book <<The Persians of aeschylus in the dionysia>>.


-Romulo and Remo.

According to Roman tradition, Romulo and his twin brother Remo were responsible for founding Rome.
Finally it would only Romulo who founded, becoming it is first king. The two brothers decided to found
a city on a plain of the Tiber river.
Example: The rape of the sabine.




It is a public building of the roman civilization used to celebrate shows and games.
The difference between an amphitheatre and a classic theatre
is that the ampitheatre is circular and the classic theatre is semicircular.
Example: Amphitheatre of Athens.



It is a city of Egipt. It was one of the most famous cities in the world. It was founded by Alexander the Great.
Example: The Lighthouse of Alexandria.



It is the capital of Greece and nowadays the biggest city of the country. It is the principal center of the economic,
cultural and political Greek. life. During the classic Greece, it was a powerful city that had a fundamental paper
in the development of the democracy. Also it was a cultural center where there lived many of the big artists,
writers and philosophers antiquity.
Example: A city of Athens was Atica. It was the first capital of Greece.



It is the former capital of the Byzantine Empire. This city was the most powerful center after the decline of the
Roman Empire. The city was a post hundreds of years as the largest in the world.
Example: Ephesus.



It is a city of Peloponnese, Greece. In Greek mythology, the city of corinth was founded with the name of Efira
by Sisyphus, who was it is first king, and his successors made a particulary prosperous and powerful city.
Example: Corinthian columas.


-Crete (Greece).

It is the island located in the Aegean Sea, is the greatest island of Greece. In Greek Mythology, Zeus was
hidden in the Ida mount, located in centre of the island.
Example: Iraklion is a town of Crete.



It is a country in southeastem Europe. The Greek Empire was established as one of the largest in the history
of Europe. Is situated between the Jonian sea and the Mediterranean.
Example: Olimpia is one of the cities of Greece.



It is the place where, after death, the souls of people are tortured eternally. Foretelling was accompained
by cerbero, dog of three heads.
Example: Anothe name for “hell” was underworld.



Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. The Olympus Gods were the best ones between the Greek Gods.
Example: Zeus, Aprodite.



The term Pantheon in architecture, is a funeral monument where there are mortal remains of some persons.
Example: Pantheon of Paris.



The legend says the city was founded by Pergamus which was located in northwest Asia Minor. It is
ruins surrounding the modern town of Bergama.
Example: The ruins of Asclepieion.



Nowadays is Iran. Persian languaje was from the indoeuropean family languaje. Persia has been a word to say the territory of Fars. The first time that this word was said was by Greek people, because they think that Perses will sit in this territory.
Example: Persepolis is the capital of the old Persia.



Sparta was one polis of the old Greece located in the peninsula of the Peloponnese. Sparta was the
most powerful city of Grecee. An aunthentic Spartan had to be son of Spartan parents.
Example: Spartan soldiers.



It is a city of Greece. In ancient times it was the largest city in that region. Thebes was famous
for it is seven gates alluding to Homer.
Example: One of the seven gates “Electra”.


-The Acropolis.

Was the highest city. In the majority of the Greek cities, it has double fuction: defensive and a place of
cult. The Acropolis of Athenians celebrated a festival which competed with the olympic games.
Example: On the Acropolis is the temple of Athenea.


-Vatican museum.

They are the museums of artistic valve property of the church and accessibles to the public in the Vatican city.
Example: Chiaramonti museum.




It is a mythologic animal that has the body of a horse and the head of a human.
Example: The Horoscope of sagitarius.


-Cerbero dog.

In Greek Mythology, Cerbero, was the dog of foretelling, a monster of three heads with a snake
as tail and heads of snake in the back. Cerbero kept the door close so the deads did not leave
and the alive ones could not enter.
Example: Ortro, two-headed dog.



It is a doctrine by a religion or another organization of authority. The education of a dogma is know
as indoctrination.
Example: Judaism, Christianity...


-Greco-Persian wars.

They were a series of conflicts between Persian and some states of Greece. The first war finished with
a truce, the second finish and Greece won and the third finished with the greeks saying to the Persian
to go away of Greek.
Example: Macedonian was an ally of Persian.



It is an epic poem, traditionally attributed to Homer. In the Iliad is written the history of the war of Troy.
Iliad was one of the most important books written in the classic time.
Example: The Iliad has 24 poems.



It was a creature in Greek mythology, with the head of a bull on the body of a man. He was represented
with an elaborate maze. The minotaur was finally killed by Theseus.
Example: Sometimes is confused with a Centaur that is a human with a body of a horse.



It is a set of myths satements that form a part of a region or culture. We use it to explain the universe,
the origin of the world and anything for that there should not be a simple explanaton.
Example: A mythologic animal called Unicorn. It was a horse with a
horn on the front.



In greek mythology, a nymph is any feminin member of a great group of spirits of the nature. The nymph
are the personification of the creative and encouraging activities of the nature.
Example: Nymph flutist.


-Obolus (Greek currency).

The Obolus is a Greek silver coin. The Obolus is also an unit of weight.
Example. The Obolus is the sixth of a dracma.



It is one of two mayor ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer. In the Odyssey are written the
histories of Ulises and how he came back from the war of Troy.
Example: Odyssey consists of 24 songs.


-War of Troy.

The war of Troy was a conflict between greeks and Trojans. This war was written in the Iliad and the Odyssey.
The Greeks were the winners of the war and the Trojan city end up disappearing.
Example: Ulyses was a soldier who fought in the Trojan war.


-Worship of Eleusis.

They were the worships that people made for the Gods Demeter and Persefone. It was very important.
Example: Worship of Persefone.




The greek language was original of old greek. This language, nowadays is speaked by people of
Greece and Chipre.
Example: Alpha A a It is the first letter of the greek alphabet.


-Greek alphabet.

The greek alphabet is composed of twenty-four letters that has been to write the Greek language.
Example: letter ji X x.


-Greek declines.

The ancient greek is a language in which the nouns indicale his function by means of suffixes:
*Nominative *Accusative *Dative
*Vocative *Genitive
Example: Nominative: hostis


-Greek philosophy.

The Greek philosophy is a period of the history of the philosophy between the emergence of the western
philosophy in the presocratic period and the helenistic philosophy. Sometimes it is classic philosophy
or ancient philosophy.
Example: Pythagoras is one of the most important philosophers of Greece.


-Western culture.

It has evolved over thousands of years. The evolution of western thought has it is origind in Greece,
thanks to the various thinkers and philosophers such as Socrates, Platter and Aristotle.
Example: Spanish culture that is a evolution of latin.