France's typical things

Croissant :

It is a type of cake which is done by puff pastry. We can eat a croissant with chocolate, with cream, with cheese, etc... People know that the best croissant is done in paris. This cake was created for a victory in a war.

Tour de France:

It is a cyclist competition which happens in France for three weeks. This competition received Principe de Asturias's sport prize in 2003. It has been celebrated since 1903. France has won this tour 36 times.

Vine :

French vine is wordly famous, it is used in kitchens. The most famous vines are vine of Burdeos and vine of Borgoña.

Seine :

It is a river which cross France. It cross Troyes , Paris and Ruán too. It is 776 km long and it flow in Manche's canal. There are a lot of bridges over this river for example the Pont Neuf.

Carla Bruni :

She was born on December 23rd 1967 in Italy. She was model and singer italien however she is related to France. She is married with Nicolas Sarcozy who is France's president, also she is the first bridesmaid of France

Nicolas Sarkozy :

He was born on January 28th 1955 . He is the president of France. Really he is lawyer. He was married with a women called Cecilia but he divorced because they were infiels each other. Nowadays he is married with Carla Bruni.

Eiffel Tower:

It is a 19th century iron tower. It is a global icon of France and it is the most famous structure in the world.

French omelette:

It is a dish done by oil and egg shake.It is in shape of leaf, and exists a lot of types of french omelettes. In Spain we usually do it only with eggs and oil.

Notre Dame:

This name means “our mrs”. It is a cathedral which is in France. It is a gothit cathedral and it has been restaured after French revolution. There are a lot of cathedrals and churchs called notre dame.

Asterix and Obelix:

It is a cartoon created by Rene Guscinny and Alberto Uderzo. Those cartoons are very popular because there are fights between romans and galos. The main characters are two, Axterix, is a small intelligent gaul with a moustache. Obelix is a gaul too but he is very fat and he loves eating. Gauls have a magic drink which adds power to drink it. Obelix doesn't drink it because it fell in magic drink's pot when he was a child.


this is a cake made of wheat flour. This is similar to “panqueque”. Its ingredients are: flour, eggs, milk, butter and sugar.


This is a car company and racing cars. It was founded in 1898 by Louis Renault. During the First World War , Renault produced amunation and military vehicles. During the Second World War , Renault has made material to the nazis. It is also compete in formula one since 1977, winnining the World Cup twice with Fernando Alonso.

Cannes Festival :

It is a film festival of category “A”. Its first edition was just after the Second World War, on September 1st 1947. This year it will celebrate its 63rd edition.


He was born in Ajaccio on August 15th 1769 and he died on St Helena on May 5th 1821. He was a soldier and a french leader. He became 1st Consul of the republic, he was consul for life in 1802 and he became emperor in 1804 and he was also king of Italy in 1805. In 1815 after have twice been in power , he remained in exile until his death.
Disneyland Resort Paris:

It's a disney theme park just outside of Paris. The park is divided in two parts: Disneyland itself divided into 5 distrits, (Main Street, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland) and Walt Disney Studios. It was opened on April 12th 1992, it opens the 365 days at year. The second park (Walt Disney Studios) was opened on March 16th 2002.

Champs Elysees:

It is the main avenue in Paris. It measures 1880 metres and runs from Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde.


It is a type of bombons of chocolate. It is famous because it apears in advert of TV. It also has a catchy song.


It is a tipic dish from France. It is done by a fix of cheses. Normally it usually be matching with bread.


They were a tribe which were in France, Belgium, Suisse, Holand and Germany. This tribe is famous because nowadays there are a cartoons of this tribe. This is Asterix and Obelix. Their appearance was with a hull, with moustache and they usually be a brute behaviour.

French sports player

Zinedine Zidane:

He was born in Marseille on 23rd June 1972. He's also known by his nickname “Zizou”. He debuted in 1989 at AS Cannes and was traded to FC Bourdeaux in 1992. In 1996 he went to the Italian League to Juventus. Finally in 2001 he was signed by Real Madrid, the club where he retired. During his career he scored 151 goals.


Thierry Henry:

He was born on 17th August 1977 in Les Ulis. It's also known as “The Doctor” or “Titi”. He debuted in 1994 with AS Monaco. In 1999 he signed for Juventus, where remained for half a year because he was transfered to Arsenal CF. He remanined there until 23rd June 2007 when he was traded to FC Barcelona, where he plays today.


Eric Abidal:

He was born on 11th July 1979 in Chartres. He is a footballer and he plays in FC Barcelona. He is married and he has two daughters. He debuted in 2000 in AS Monaco but in 2004 he was signed by O.Lyon and finally in 2007 he went to FC Barcelona.


Julien Escude:

He was born on 17th August 1979 in Chartres. He is a footballer and nowadays he plays for Sevilla FC. He debuted in 1998 at AS Cannes. In 1999 he went to Stade Rennes. In 2003 he went to Ajax FC and in the 2005/2006 seasion he went to Sevilla FC.


Sebastien Squillaci:

He was born on 11th August 1980 in Toulon. He is a footballer and he plays to Sevilla FC. He played two or three seasion at the club of his debut, AS Monaco. And then he went to O.Lyon where he could play for 4 seasions. Finally he acepted an offer from Sevilla FC oleole and he went to that club.


Karim Benzema:

He was born on 19th December 1987. He is a footballer who plays for Real Madrid. He was born and lived with his 8 brothers and his father. In 2005 he was signed by O.Lyon, and he debuted on September 25. He played for 4 seasons in Lyon. Real Madrid paid for him 35 millions €.


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga:

He was born on April 17th 1985 in Lemans. He is a profesional tennis player. He had an excellent junior career. His first major achievement was reaching the Australian Open Final, defeating great tennis player but lossing the final to Novak Djokovic. He is a serious candidat for the world number one.


Richard Gasquet:

He was born on 18th June 1986 in Beziers. He is a profesional tennis player. The highest position in the ATP ranking for him was the 7º and now he is suspended for a doping case.


Tony Parker:

He was born on 17th May 1983 .He is a french profesional basketball player who plays for Nba in San Antonio Spurs. He enter in the NBA's draft on 2001 and his first team was his actually team; San Antonio Spurs. He is married with the famous actrees Eva Longoria.


Gael Monfils:

He was born on 1st September 1986 in Paris. He is a profesional tennis player since 2004. He never won a Grand Slam title in his career but only in Rolland Garros he can plays the semifinals. He is the better french tennis player. His best ranking was the 9º on 2 March 2009.

French Singers

Sebastien Tellier:

He is musician , singer and composer. He was born in Paris in 1975. His first album was “L'incroyable verité”, It was publish in 2001. The second album was “Politics” it was published in 2005. He published towi albums more; “ Sessions” in 2006 and “ Sexuality” in 2008.
He took part in eurovision in 2008 and he was in 18th.

Alizee Jacotey:

She was born in August 21st 1984 in Corcega. Someone discovered her when she was taking part in a talent show.Her first work was “Gourmandises”, this disc received a silver disc.
In 2003 she pubblished another album but it did not success. She is married and she has a daugther. Her last album was “Psychedelices”

Vanessa Paradis:

She was born on December 22nd 1972 in Saint- Maur-des-Foses, France. Her albums didn't success but there was a song which became famous, it was “Joe le taxi”. Paradis worked to channel too, she adverted a perfum called “Coco” and she also had worked at a film called “La fille sur le pont”. In 1990 she recived a price for best new actress.

Gilbert Bécaud:

He is a french singer who was born on October 24th 1927 and he died in 2001. His most famous song is “Mes mains”. He used to sing sad songs, his hobby was play the piano.

French writters

  • Charles Pierre Baudelaire

He was born on April 9th 1827 and he died on August 31st 1867. During his life he lived in Paris. He was critic, poet and translater, his most famous work was a poems book called “ The flowers of evil “ published in 1857. When Baudelaire began to frequent prostitutes, he infected himself of syphilis. Finally in 1866 he suffered a massive stroke and a paralysis which make his body paralysed during two years. After this years he died in Bruselles.
  • Honore de Bolzac

He was born on May 20th 1799 and he died on August 18th 1850. He was born in Tours, France and he devoted to writting. In spite of all dificulties he lived, he got to write a lot of novels and he succed on literature. The first novel he wrote was “Revue de Paris”, his best seller novel was “Eugenie Grandet”. He was married with the countess Hanska from Ukrania. However he was married with two persons more and he was ill. After five months he died. There is a monument in his honor.

- Montequieu

Real name: Charles Louis de Secondant, Mr Brède and Baron Montesquieu.
He was born on January 18th 1689 and he died on February 10th 1755.He was a famous phylosopher; he studied a law career.He got married with Jeanne Lartigue.
Montesquieu developed locke's ideas from power division.
He wrote “El espíritu de las leyes” and “Cartes persas” , these books had succes and were very important to the social developed.

  • Voltaire

Real name: François-Marie Arouet
He was born on November 21st 1694 and he died on May 30th 1778.
He was a famous phylosopher, and he was a main representative from ilustration. He refused catholic church. His first history was “ Carlos XII's history”. He was poet too and he had succes with poems books.

  • Alexandre Dumas

He was born on July 25th 1802 and he died on December 5th 1870. He was novelist and author. He had a weak heath and he had to go to live with his son. He published 300 works and a lot of articles. His novels could be adventures histories, history works or fantasy works.

  • Antoine de Scunt- Exupery

He was born on June 29th 1900 and he died on July 31st 1944.
He was writer and pilot. His most famous work was “El principito”. He devoted children's literature and his auto-biography. During 1935 he desapeared in a plane travel in Sahara desert. After this travel, anyone see his.

  • Cyrano de Bergerac

He was born on March 6th 1619 and he died on July 28th 1655. He was a french writer. His real name was Hercules-Savinien from Cyrano de Bergerac. He was military for two years. However he received a shot in his neck and he decided to study phylosophy. He wrote a book called “Juramento de Paris”.

  • Victor Hugo

He was born on February 26th 1802 and he died on May 22nd 1885. He was poet and novelist and he wroite novels, poems, plays and politics speechs. When he was only 14 wrote “Seré Chateaubriand o nada” , when he was 18 wrote “ Has de Islandia”. This work made he famous . He was married with Adèle Faucher but after a lot of infedilities he divorced.

  • Jules Verne

He was born on February 8th 1828 in Nantes and he died on March 24th 1905 in Amiens. He was writer above all from science fiction.
He had got over some dificulties before to be writer, but a photographer helped him to get a work on a magazine for 20 years. His most famous work was “ La vuelta al mundo el ochenta dias”.

  • Marcel Proust

He was born on July 10th 1871 and he died on November 18th 1922. He was novelist and critic , his most famous work was “ En busca del tiempo perdido” . His parents helped him to translate his works, after Marcel's parents died , he published the second part of this called
“ A la sombra de los muchachos en flor”. He was homosexual, and his book was about it.