• Big Ben

It is the name for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the palace west minster in
London. A clock tower was built a west minister in 1298.


  • London eye

It is a treadmill of 135 m height, it is a placed to the shore on the river Thames. It was constructed in 2000 to celebrate the change of millenium. His cabins are of crystal and in them 25 persons fit. You can enjoy on magnificent view to all London.


  • Cambridge

It is a very ancient city and it is the capital of the country of cambridge. It is 80Km of London.
It's stands out for the university of Cambridge, it is the second university of English speech after of Oxford. It was founded in 1209 by academicians who fled of Oxford after a clash with Oxford's agents. Stand out famous writter, politicians and scientist,...


  • London

It is a city of England. It is in the South East England.The first Lord Mayor of Oxford was Evan Owen Roberts. He was elected plain Mayor in May 1962. The Oxford University's stands out in this city.


  • Wax museum:

Also it is know as “museum of madame Tussands” It was originated by the sculpture of max Marie Tussands... It is a one of the most famous museum of London. In it, their find sculptures of many famous persons of the history, cinema stars,... The sculpture are very reals.


  • Wembley Stadium

The Wembley stadium is a soccer's stadium. It was built in 1880s. His dimensions are 105 x 70 metres. It has got a capacity for a 90,000 spectators.


  • The Tower Bridge

The tower Bridge is one of London's best know landmarks. It is a hundred years old. The bridge is 60 metres long and it's towers rise to a height of 43 metres.


  • The Buckimgham Palace

Buckimgham Palace is the place when the Queen off England lives. It was built in 1700. It is used as a museum as there are rooms where jewels are shown.


  • Palace of Westminster

The site of the Houses of Parliament is the Palace of Westminster, a royal palace and former residence of kings. The Palace of Westminster was the principal residence of the kings of England from the middle of the 11th century until 1512.

  • Oxford

It is a city of England. It is in the South East England.The first Lord Mayor of Oxford was Evan Owen Roberts. He was elected plain Mayor in May 1962. TheOxfordUniversity's stands out in this city.


  • Oxford University

The Oxford University was built around to 1096. It is the older university of the world.
A year this university has got a capacity of 18500 students.
The adress of the university is Wellington Square.


  • Statue of Liberty

It is a popular monument of United States. It is located on the island of the Liberty, in the south of Manhattan. This monument is a present from France for the independence aniversary of the United States.


  • Conditionals

There are four types:

  • Type 0
USE: It is about universal truths.
FORM: If + suj + vb in present simple + , + suj + future vb in present simple.

  • Type 1
USE: It is about real truths.
FORM: If + suj + vb in present simple + , + suj + future “ will”.

  • Type 2
USE: It is about hypothetical or imaginary things.
FORM: If +suj +vb in past simple + , + suj +would +vb infinitive.

  • Type 3
USE: It is about impossible or unrealistic things.
FORM: If + suj + past perfect + would have+ past participle.

  • Type 0: If I am hungry, I usually have a snack.
  • Type 1: If I don't hurry up, I will miss the bus.
  • Type 2: I would buy a new car if I won the lottery.
  • Type 3: If I have know you ere in hospital, I would have visited you.

  • The difference between present simple and continous

The present simple is used to talk about:
-Habitual actions. Ex:
I go to the gym on Monday
-Permanent states. Ex: The sun rises in the morning.
-Feelings and emotions. Ex: I like your T-Shirt.
-Verb of senses. Ex: I hear music in the house.

The present continous is used to talk about:
-Actions that are happening now. Ex: What are you doing? We are playing football
-Actions that are happening at present, but nor necessarily at this moment. Ex: In this year, we are trainning for the competition.
-Future arrangments. Ex: I am going to the cinema this night.
-Habitual actions with a negative sense. Ex: My sister is never working.

  • The difference between past simple and continous

The past simple is used to talk about:
-Actions that started and finisehd in the past. Ex: I dindn't go to the park last Monday.
- Actions that happened one after the other in the past. Ex: I went to the school, I studied and I saw my friends.
-With the Past Cotinuous to refer to a short action that interrupts a longer one. Ex: She is watched TV when rings the door.

  • The Present Perfect Simple

The present perfect simple is used to talk about:
- Actions that started in the past and continue in the4 present. Ex: He has lived in Seville since 1995.
-Actions that happened in the past, but have a consequence in the present. Ex: She has lost her French Book.
-Actions that has just finished. Ex: My father has just passed her driving license exam.
-With adverbs like “ever”, “never”, “yet”,”already” to dictate an indefinite or incomplete time.
Ex: Have you ever seen a ghost?

  • Be going to

The “ going to” is used to talk about:
-Future plans and intentions. Ex: I ' m going to buy the new laptop next month.
-Predictions based on what we can see at the moment. Ex: The bike is going to crash into the wall.

  • Future simple

The future simple is used to talk about:
-Instant decisions. Ex: Ok, I will see you on friday.
-Predictions based on what we think or imagine.
Ex: Tomorrow will be sunny and hot.
-Promise and offers.
Ex: I will go and buy some food for you.

  • Passive voice

Passive voice, translate the active sentence to pasive sentence.

ACTIVE: Subject + Verb + Object
PASSIVE: Subject + Passive verb + Agent complement.

The agent complement is expressed this form: By me, By you, By my parents...
The hospital is visited by the queen.
The glass wasn't broken by them.